Eve 6

Recently I shot some photos for a friend.  I've known Jon Siebels for a few years now so it was a fun and easy shoot.  All these guys are super down to earth and funny!

I showed up at the tail end of rehearsal, shoved earplugs in my ears and watched three long time friends get loud and sweaty.  We wandered the streets trying to find decent light carrying a shopping bag of extra shirts.

I've always gravitated toward simple photo shoots.  I love the ease and natural energy that flows.  We talked about the differences between 1999 and now.  The internet, digital and money. It's bizarre to be a part of this change.  It's like we're in the last few chapters of The History of Photography.  

I've been doing this professionally for about 10 years; started in the darkroom and now spend most of my time navigating FTP sites and external hard drives.  These guys were on the other end of the lens posing with huge props, waiting for polaroids to be approved on the type of budget we'll never again see.  

I find it disenchanting in a way, but also quite freeing.  I'm not bound by rules anymore. There's no need to be judged by film emulsions and filed out negative carriers.  I can make quiet images and share them with you.  Here are these people.  They were here. 

With all that said, I miss the the smell of fixer, the lightless room with tape stuck to the floor and silence more than anything.  There is magic lost on this page...who are you anyway?  I can't even wipe your smudgy fingerprint off my contact sheet.