a message from the future.

all these things
great and small
an arc 
of delights.

kick the sun!
dance up!
fling that dirt!

piles of bones, you are
shake, rattle and roll
until you pop
until you break
until you fly
to the moonshine
like some
in a Saturday Morning Cartoon
scurrying through your
across a tightrope 

of all these things
great and small.

go beyond the stars!

(don't you know?) you have
silver lasers
behind your eyes!

there are:
forgotten sparks
warmish embers still.
let the wind in
gently, if you must


open windows wide
to the dark
like you did
many times before
when baby teeth
were fairy gifts
beneath your pillow
beneath your sleeping head
beneath your frame
beneath your shell,

lost in a dream.