then, now. hello. goodbye.

it's funny how the circle comes around
tail to tail
fullness teeming
a cellular macrocosm.

you think backwards in time
to when you met
a solemn tall dark stranger
he bought you a beer
you told him your name
hello, goodbye.

a simple meeting
a genuine beginning

oh, but how the line grew long
it squirmed and shook
like a live wire in a storm
the kind in the movies
sparks flying
ferocious bullwhip!

you tried to hold it down
pull it straight
but stronger it was
like a python
like a willful child
only a magician could tame.

what do you want?
the mind wonders
emotions untouchable
receding like the tides.

can you find a way to hold it in your hands?
do you see the circle now?
its berth is wide
embracing you. him.

look closer.

cells divide and collide.

there is much more
than before
the circle is the line
the line is the circle
and gently upon
like broken bones
we tread.