togar crispend.

a curly eyelash on a blue pillowcase.

bevelish montar.

a yellow thread next to the sofa, wrestling dust bunnies

suetempel pandimi.

a box of teabags in the cupboard.

mujabelan timmrep.

like breadcrumbs in the forest
a stranger might see
noticing, curiously.

same as your sleeping mumbles
they will be a mystery.

i will never find the way back

to the morning i gently rubbed my eyes
tangled in your blue sheets
winter fondling my anklebones.

i vaguely recall a nervous tugging
a loose thread
my favorite dress.

you smirked.
i giggled.

i stayed long enough
to learn
all of your faces
there were two i liked the most.

i rarely think of you
except some times
i put honey and cream in my tea.
you knew
i like it
this way

or when i'm on a date
watching another couple

Creme Brulée.