california girls

box me up 
like old books
leave the dust
in the nooks
take my crystals
singin' bowls

you laugh 
when i'm
za za zen 

it's okay!
roll your eyes
it feels so good
deep inside

really don't mind 
what you think
i'll breathe until
my cheeks turn pink

i'm wild, good
roses and wood

i'm silly
i'm fun
i totally like...

i dance
i prance
i crave romance
i'm saucy
(you're bossy;
this i need)

organic juice
vintage wine
get me to the beach
on time

candles, yes
incense, oh please

pull my hair
mind my my knees

i'm naughty
i'm nice

i'm sweet or salty
roll the dice

close the boxes
come on
let's go
up the coast
or wherever

i'm yours
i'm free

with outstretched hands

come on baby,
catch me if you can