erratic glaciers

Getting here was like stripping off old paint layer by layer.  

The bus ride from NYC was quiet except for two little girls, maybe sisters. 

White beads clicked in their braids as they filed down the aisle curiously eyeing an empty trail mix bag I crumpled.

A blurry kaleidescope tunneled fast like a river rushing


Pennsylvania trees outside our windows portaled us

Many things I forgot almost instantly.  It's weird.  Silly small nothing thingthangs.  Goodbye wasteful worries.  I'm now here.

My first morning!

New alarm: A Very Strong Woodpecker and a Caw Caw Crow

tiny chirp songs
natural orchestra
cascade through 
darling ferns that lie in wait
or extended respite

New routine: Wander Quietly.  Make.  Ruminate.

mossy covered trails dampen my tread