Goodbye Sam

Temporal time we are allowed.

ways we grow
deep roots 
forever long
each turn and twist
a lasting song.
unique of her
my remembrance goes:
infinite squinted smile
 t i n y  
a pixie cut
bravely bold
witty always
even whilst sad
i wonder where you are right now
a star i think
you landed on
and all the earthly cats
late at night
will look up 
to remind us how

Last night I had an overwhelming urge to go through old photos and find's Sam's smile. I didn't do it and struggled with sleep. I wasn't sure why but now I understand.  

Goodbye Sam.  

I found the photos today after I learned she'd transitioned.  It wasn't hard to locate them. I remember every time.  

There weren't many and they weren't recent.  
Another reminder to not take people for granted. 
Another reminder to not take people for granted. 

Our times were mostly at weddings, parties, a movie in the cemetery or two, a pumpkin carving night, a day at the beach to celebrate our beloved pals engagement.

This city swallows so many of us but what I liked most about Samantha was that she always showed up smiling--baked goods in hand.  We commiserated every time about bad dates, dumb dudes and this city of angels...  

Some people fit into a specific place in our hearts.  She was my wing woman at gatherings.  Two single 30 somethings trying to figure it out, munching on snacks and watching our friends make memories.

See you on the other side (when we are both cats) funny lady.  You are loved.