without the emptiness you would not see the fullness

As long as I can remember my work has been described as melancholy or ethereal.  It's just how I feel and see.  What I loved about Katharina is that her art is light and colorful but together we balanced and strengthened.  She was always coaxing me towards her warm toned palette as I tried tugging her along my deep sea dive to cooler tones or monochromatic emotions.  It was good though.  She knew what she wanted and I am flexible.

We had plans for a little business together, art and photo collaborations, children's books and who knows what else.  I think I'll always lovingly adjust the color temperature of my photos to the warm rose colored 1970s feeling she adored, even if only for a moment.

My world is mostly desaturated.  I'll miss her appetite for saturation and whimsy.

I have been reading some of our emails to remind me which photos (I shot of her) she loved.

Sometimes I asked her for advice on my collages or mixed media works in process.  
One email in particular stood out.  
Wise words.

She's the one deep sea diving now. 

March 25, 2010

is this done? i can't tell anymore

going to make stickers/shirt and whatever else.
i know i'm so dark and twisty. can't help it. le sigh.

is the black on the sides good empty or bad empty. i like it, but can't see for the trees...



i would say good empty : ) otherwise, it would take away from the center... in other words without the emptiness you would not see the fullness... 



On Katharina's last day on earth I photographed the sunset in Oahu.  It's hers.

so much love and light