slipping you
in the dark
en pointe over rocks
moments lost
dissolving paradox
reading-ripples night light moon
your bare wrist
calls to me
unsaid saying

 mise en place

weave you gently in
skin touch skin

begin again

take the cue
of your veins
tree shaped lungs
stardust reins
unfold yourself
loose the tight

let our death
be what might
lift your gaze

see beyond
roughest cliffs 
lonesome night

leave behind
thoughts you think
soon you'll see
our road 
bends wide

wildflowers appear

come inside

spiral stairs
you are right on time

up you wind
softly tread
i know your steps
withdrawing exploding
Timid Lion

patience is my scent
breathe in 
sweet embers burn


the walk is long
the years accrue
i'll be where
sea meets blue

digging for us
same as